Why Israel?

The famous phrase “Knowledge is power” becomes literal when we talk about doctors. Unfortunately, most of the doctors are faced to the problem of lack of necessary knowledge and deterioration of information. Today medicine develops so fast that knowledge got in a university loss its applicability.


A doctor has to learn continuously to be in-demand at the labor market. Hundreds of foreign doctors interested in further career development come to Israel every year. They are attracted by the possibility to get up-market Israeli diplomas highly appreciated all over the world.

Maintaining and increasing his/her professional level, having continuous practice, a doctor fulfils his/her duties to patients, as the lack of knowledge and skills can lead to medical malpractice that can worth patient health or life. Doctors from the Commonwealth of Independent States increasingly take interest to internships in Israel, because this is the place where they can try out the latest technologies and upgrade their skills, learning from world-class professionals.

The international internship will open many prospects to a doctor. It helps to meet colleagues from abroad, to get a new experience and deepen knowledge, accurately following Asclepiades' Oath, that places special emphasis to an obligation for personal

Diploma of leading hospital

All participants of the internship receive a diploma from an Israeli clinic, which is quoted worldwide and opens up new perspectives in their home country.

Learning from top world experts

The process of internship for doctors is headed by top professionals, recognized experts in different areas of medicine.

Personalized programs

Internship programs can be changed according to your requirements – extended, shortened, or new topics can be added.

Gaining experience

Enjoy a supervised clinical internship in a diverse overseas hospital environment.