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Orthopedics - Joint Replacement (Academic - Hands-on Combined)

THE GOAL: To provide participants with knowledge of advanced surgical techniques involved in hip and knee replacements, combined with a unique approach to patient preparation in order to achieve shorter hospitalization and to improve satisfaction.

TEACHING METHODS: Academic + observation in the operating room.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Orthopedists who specialize in joint replacement.


Assuta is the biggest private health care facility chain in Israel that was established in 1935. Since its first days, Assuta has been committed to a high quality of medical services, so it can be fairly regarded as an advanced medical standards setter both Israeli and international. The clinic cooperates with the best and the most reputable Israeli professionals, representing all areas of nowadays medicine. Their consummate professionalism, as well as technological innovations and exceptional quality of service form the basis of “medical wonders”, that happen at Assuta every day.

More than 235 thousands of diagnostic studies, 85 thousands of surgeries, around 5 thousands of minimally invasive procedures and in vitro fertilizations are performed in Assuta yearly. Assuta surgeons perform more than 500 kinds of surgical handles with varying degrees of complexity.

In 2011 Assuta clinic chain has collected JCI certificate for compliance with international standards of quality and treatment reliability.

Today, when the environment became more open and borders on a map are rather formal, Assuta invites foreign doctors, nurses and administrators of health facilities to undertake an internship.
Assuta employees will be happy to share their knowledge and best practices with their colleagues from abroad.


  • Presentation of Assuta network and a tour of the hospital.Knee replacement surgery:
  • Innovations in Knee Replacement Surgery.
  • Uni Compartmental Knee Replacement versus TK Arthroplasty.
  • Arthroscopic debridement and lavage versus lavage as a treatment in Osteroarthritis of the Knee.
  • Obesity, Osteoarthritis and knee pain.Hip replacement surgery:
  • DAA- Direct Anterior Approach in Total Hip Arthroplasty.
  • Pre-operative discussion of expectations with the patient.
  • The importance of pre-operative multidisciplinary patient education.
  • Patient expectations, pain and satisfaction of Arthroplasty of the Hip & Knee.
  • New-old methods for treating pain following joint replacement surgeries.
  • Observation of hip/knee replacement surgery at the OR Joint replacement live surgery transmission.
  • Closing notes, feedback & certificates granting.

* Programs can be changed to suit the needs of the client

How to get to the medical course?

The course delivery mode is individual, the course is arranged personally for each participant. However, upon request, we can arrange a group medical training, including lecturing. Individual medical training implies studying with medical practitioners and observation of hospital department doctors working.  To draw up a program for you we need you to send us the following:

— Participants’ CVs
— Subjects of interested coursed and preferable delivery mode
— Expected date of medical training.