About us

Isradoc company was established in 2015 as an affiliated company of IsraMedPortal, an independent medical tourism portal. Further, the company has expanded its outreach and started to organize postgraduate courses and internships for foreign experts. We believe that the high quality of medical education is one of the key factors of successful treatment. We see our mission in improving doctors’ proficiency and doing so helping not only Israeli but also foreign patients.

Our company organizes internships for doctors living from China to Peru. Several hundred professionals, interested in postgraduate education, used our services during the last several years. The delivery mode and schedule of training depend on our clients’ wishes: we offer individual and group internships, programs for hospital physicians, seminars and courses for highly specialized doctors and for general practitioners.

Applying to us you can choose a field of expertise and the duration of a training program at your own discretion. At our part, we are obliged to draw up an education plan and to select a clinic according to your preferences and possibilities. We cooperate with all Israeli medical centers, both multipurpose and specialized centers that practice internships.

You can trust us addressing all problems, related to the trip and staying in Israel, we will guide you from the moment when you contacted us and will offer different options of accommodation depending on the location of the chosen clinic.

We have been successfully operating for several years, during this time we granted hundreds of certificates, organized dozens of successful workshops, seminars, individual and group internships.